Dynamic Pricing for Manual Orders

Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce is a plugin that has been taking off with a need from just about every business on the web. It includes Role Based Pricing, Advanced Product, Category Pricing and more.

This works perfect when a customer is coming to your store on the front end, they get to see the deals, get excited and shop-SHOP-SHOP! Excitement.

But what happens when a customer calls in, heard about your awesome pricing and wants to take that opportunity? Well, nothing, unless you impersonate the customer from a incognito window to separate yourself from the customers account.

Dynamic Pricing has been added to our Manual Credit Card Processing extension!

Yes, that is correct – if you have our WooCommerce Manual Credit Card Processing plugin and the Dynamic Pricing extension from WooCommerce then you are in luck. We are currently in the QA and testing stage of our latest release looking to launch for the 4th of July. Why? Because I am patriotic.

Our plugin will run the rule sets and modules for however you have your dynamic pricing setup. We have included all the modules required to run Advanced Product Pricing, Advanced Category Pricing, Simple Category Pricing and Simple Role Based Pricing.

Some other new features with our dynamic pricing feature is:

  • Optimized Shipping Calculations
  • Cleaner Guest to Customer Implementation
  • Detailed Cart Calculations
  • Core Speed Improvements

New features down the road:

  • Coupons & Discounts
  • Guest Order History
  • Fancy Product Selection
  • and more…

Keep an eye out! We are moving forward.

Feel free to post your comments below, I do read them all (except for spam, get out of here with that).

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