May 2017

Filter woocommerce_order_item_name breaking on $prod->get_title() ?

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Recently I have had 2 people come up with the same question / problem. I was able to give them really basically the same answer. Looking through their logs I found that the problem both times had to do with getting the title of the product, $_product->get_title() within the woocommerce_order_item_name filter. What their goals were was to add [...]

Advanced Developer, Noob Speaker

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So after completing one of my favorite projects to take offline payments through the WooCommerce admin interface, I threw the idea out to share it at a local WordPress meet up. As soon as I walked in the door I came to the realization - I am a advanced developer, noob speaker. Thankfully everyone around [...]

Custom Shipping Calculation Using Flat Rate Shipping

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I just wanted to jump on here and post about a nifty - less known - feature for setting up shipping rates. I get a lot of requests about how to properly setup shipping rates. Every system is different and recently I saw a request roll by on Facebook WooCommerce Help & Share Group about [...]

Start Taking Phone Orders with WooCommerce

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We are excited to announce that our Manual Credit Card Processing for WooCommerce extension has finally launched! This extensions allows you to start taking phone orders using manual credit card payments that are fast and secure through the WordPress / WooCommerce system. How do you get a copy you ask? Will it work for your store you [...]

Variable Product Information – Display Information on AJAX Product Search

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Some people have been banging there head about some of the changes that came with the recent version of WooCommerce that has been released. One of which is displaying variable product information when manually creating a order with the supplied AJAX product search. UPDATE: Since the original time of posting WooCommerce has pushed out new releases that [...]