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Search Indexing, Auto Complete, Auto Correct, Reductive Navigation, Facet Filtering

In today’s environment, retailers need every advantage they can get. Site visitors expect Google-like speed and contextual search hints. Smart Search provides lightning fast searches on your product catalog, search granularity and lightning fast page loads. And it turns out that is a very good thing for your Google rankings, because Google prioritizes faster loading sites.

Stop throwing more money at faster hardware and start thinking Smart Search. Don’t take our word for it, you can try this technology for FREE!


Smart Search functions as a service and requires product and category information to be indexed for this plugin to work correctly.

The Morrison Consulting Smart Search incorporates a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library, optimized to provide the best speed and accuracy for the WordPress platform. Smart Search technology uses the best in class relevance and ranking algorithm to display your search results in an order that makes sense.

Our SmartSearch works with WooCommerce and digs deep to find everything it can to help assist your customers in finding what they are looking for. Not enough? SmartSearch has easy to use filters so you can add any new attributes to the indexing system allowing an even better search experience. Initial setup is easy, just a few steps and you will be on your way. SmartSearch will read your system and give you the options to easily manage available filtering and indexable content.

Using WooCommerce? Cool, us too! SmartSearch has the know-how to automatically disable indexing of information such as orders, coupons and refunds.

With SmartSearch you can easily search for variations of products, pretty slick! Got a blue shirt? Search blue and you are set. Selling digital products with extra meta information? No problem.

With our Smart Search technology you can:

  • Match word stems and plurals. For example: running matches run, shelves matches shelf.
  • Custom spell check built by your own product database allowing you to suggest recommendations, such as “Did you mean: Morrison Consulting (instead of Morisson Consult).”
  • Dynamic Sorting on Relevance, Entity, Price, Best Sellers.
  • Similar items term vectoring.
  • Incorporate it in to your product management with automated taxonomy suggestions and related products for new products.
  • Customize the retrieval sorting and filtering any content on your site.


Gain more customers by allowing them to find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily than ever before.

Dynamically Relate Content & Products

Our Smart Search technology also allows you to dynamically relate content and products. A unique feature of our Smart Search technology is that you can use it to power your entire site, calling all of the text and images. Utilizing our Smart Search to dynamically insert your text and content can actually allow your site to run faster than a traditional WordPress Search, since it minimizes the number of database calls. If your site is image-heavy, or just runs slower than you would like, consider integrating our Smart Search technology to maximize your site’s speed and help you gain even more customers.


  • Great for small sites with low traffic and those looking to test out our great service.
  • 1,000 Querries/mo
  • Unlimited products
  • Basic e-mail support

Small Plan

  • Another good option for smaller sites that have a bit more traffic. You can upgrade anytime.
  • 10,000 Querries/mo
  • Unlimited products
  • Basic e-mail support

Medium Plan

  • Great for more robust sites that have large product catalogs and more traffic.
  • 100,000 Querries/mo
  • Unlimited products
  • Basic e-mail support

Large Plan

  • Great for small sites with low traffic and those looking to test out our great service.
  • 1,000,000 Querries/mo
  • Unlimited products
  • Basic e-mail support


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